Diminishing returns on studying

Even though I was getting 70%-75% of the mocks, I feel like studying anything more in-depth than just the major points and the major formulas is a waste of time, because there is just too much beyond that to memorize.

I wonder if I should just take additional mock exams instead of going through the EOCQ’s from here.

What do you guys think? What are you going to do?

I’ve done 1.5 practice exams, and spent 5 months studying content. So I’m getting more benefit for my time on practice exams. If you’ve already done like 5 practice exams, and you’re in the low 70’s, probably content studying would be best. I don’t think that 6th practice exam will make you that much better at time/stress management, as opposed to learning the underlying content better. What you should do depends on where your diminishing returns are at.

I dunno how effective studying from the core curriculum is though, because I haven’t looked at it :smiley: