Dimming Confidence Level ??

It has been over a week since we are done with our Level II exams, but with every passing day my confidence level of passing level II is going down as well…Earlier after completing the exam i was 70% confident of clearing, now i dont feel confident at all…i don’t know what led to certain drop in the confidence level

I feel the same. In fact, last night I was thinking about a problem where I knew the formula but now I’m convinced I missed part of it and selected the wrong answer. Ahhh! The wait is killing me!

Good to know that i am not the only one suffering from this syndrome, i feel tad better now :-). However, more than the wait, the thought of giving Level II once again is killing me

Ditto. Keep thinking of questions on which I’m second guessing myself. And the list is getting longer each day.

I was feeling pretty ok after the exam though of course there are a few questions I was not sure at all. But now i have exactly same feeling like you guys…perhaps i screwed up without knowing , perhaps I was overlooking. Perhalps the exam was far more tricky than my thoughts…

Try not to think of it now

Even i feel the same… Was pretty confident while comming out of the exam hall… now i am not sure at all :frowning:

The way I think about it, I need 80 raw points to pass.

Possibly got 30 points in AM session, so would need 50 PM. Felt good about PM, but not that good (50/60). Only hope is a passing score much lower than 80 raw, somewhere in the low 70’s.

And this is why I don’t talk to fellow candidates before the exam when everyone’s aggregating outside the exam room, or during lunch. I don’t need to hear things that will only psyche me out. I don’t need to hear them reviewing concepts or asking me questions. I don’t need to hear them discussing exam questions and figuring out whether or not they got it correct. I just need to be alone with my thoughts, tranquility, and focus.

After the exam though, feel free to psyche me out :smiley: I was feeling extremely confident after each portion of the exam. I remember calling my girlfriend during lunch and saying “Wow… I feel as though the CFA exam is on ‘easy mode’ this year. How can you fail?”

Now after hearing so many candidates say how difficult/subjective/unfair the exam was, I start to feel like perhaps I just missed a lot of things and have false confidence. Then I reassure myself, saying that perhaps it is normal that I feel more confident than others, given that I have more preparation than them, and consistently beat their scores in mocks. I am still afraid that I have false confidence though. And failing would be an incredible mindfuck, because I was waaaayy prepared this year.

I also remember seeing a few traps, and thinking “lulz, a lot of people are gonna miss that”.

Glad to see im not the only one!

I feel exact same as Wayne… was killing CFAI mocks (81% average) and felt like a star on the exam… I was also remember spotting traps and thinking “i bet some people will get fooled by this trap”.

I dont feel as confident as I did coming out of the exam, but still feel great about it… not thinking about the exam as much as the first week… it will die off and will reignite late july…

Enjoy your summer guys, it’s human psychology to lose confidence as we forget how we actual felt on that day…

best way to overcome this feeling is to look at the 2011 results thread (seriously there are some low freaking passes there) – although I guess MPS may be diff this year

I didn’t spot one trap. Not one. Looks like its Level 2 2013 for me. Sadness.

Honestly I can barely even remember specific things on the test. Also I don’t go back and think about it or check answers after the fact. Nothing good really comes of it.

I just keep busy and do other things until the results come out.

Well said krazykanuck… I am also keeping myself busy and trying not to think of the result. Come what may I got to do a level next year which means studies. The only question is which level, whats big deal anyway :slight_smile: (well, thats how I am convincing myself atleast)

As a first step I ordered wallstreetprep course and going to study that first and leave the rest to God (can also read it as CFAI :)).

Great, did not expect that there would be so many who feel the same…anyways its a passe now, lets party hard till july end and forget about CFA results till then…

looking at the various ‘fails’ posted at this forum and the accompanying bands, I reckon last year the MPS was around 65% (below 65% rather than above ). Given, how everybody seems to agree last year’s paper was just a breeze compared to this year’s , i guess the MPS this year gonna be somewhere around 60%, 60-62% may be… 75/120??

I’m not fretting whether I passed or not. Level II has seriously made me reconsider whether I really want to pursue the designation or not.

Level I got me into a MSF program and hopefully I get a banking job out of it. Otherwise, may continue with CFA and pursue ER.

This is normal behavior, only thing you can do at this point is enjoy the summer and wait until August rolls around.