Dinesh.....click here for hope

mwvt99@gmail.com Shoot me an email.

done mwvt9 - anxity is killing me now.


anything worthwhile?

seriously, better get ready to do some mass emailing bro, cause we could all use a shot of that stuff these days.

dubbs you’re going to get hammered for requests.

Dinesh and I are kind of in the same situation and I was just sharing my story. I took my first mock today and did better than I thought I would. I was just passing that on to him because we are both have been a little down watch all the AF allstars killing mocks. That is all…nothing special.

Man, I’m in the same boat too - there are a lot of all-stars here and dinesh is definitely one of them (you too mwvt9)

way to go man! and don’t be feeling down because of these bs mock exams - the only score that matters is 70% on June 7th.

That was motivational - mwvt9. We still have hopes to pass this monster this year

Sorry to hear about the job stuff dinesh. that’s a pisser. Mwvt and Dinesh you guys are gonna pass this level. You’re both bright and you guys have put a ton of time in for this. Shoot, both of you have probably put in at least 300 hours on AF. Hopefully your good luck will pass over Denver’s direction sometime before the test… I need it down here. So mwvt, what type of score did you rack up?