Dinesh is back!!! Yay!

Ok, all of you who miss him can post your qns here…haha

Hi Friends, Enjoying my vacation back here in India. I was out of connectivity for all this time, finally managed to get some optical fibres and here I am for few minutes back to the forum (my 2nd family) [m addicted to the forum now…] Regarding the exam -------------------------- I am not 100% sure if I have nailing the monster. I think I should be borderlined there (I was borgerlined in all my 5 practice exams too… arnd 75%). Did not get time to complete the paper. Missed 8 in the AM and 2 in the PM. Guessed on quiet a few question in between. Started with Ethics in the AM and found myself out of oxygen, AM gave me a good kick in the rare and so in the 2hr break got hold of some MaC-D burgers on 33rd and 10th, analyzed what went wrong, changed my strategy and kicked back the PM session. I found the PM session to be very cruel and tricky. Started with the 240th question and rolled back my pencil to the 121st question… So that I average out on the overall exam. I think there is 45 (more) days of suspence left. Hope all you guys have nailed it royally and hope to see you all on the L2 forum this 20th Jan. Good luck to Everyone… - Dinesh Sundrani

enjoy your holiday dinesh… and likewise, hope to see you all in the L2 forums soon…

dinesh, I can’t believe you ran out of time during the exam, though. for me you are one of those among us most likely to pass the exam. you are probably not even a borderline candidate i suppose… for me its back at work since monday already, trying to recover from the lack of sleep during the last couple of weeks. well, enjoy your time off! hope you wont get bored, now that you dont have to study anymore.

I completely agree with you pppsss… I felt jetlagged for a couple of days after the exam with the lack of sleep… And strangely felt like I am missing something (which was studying for the CFA … Though honestly I feel much better off without it)… How are the rest of you unwinding after the exam?

Dinesh, CPK, Bluey, all my friends who helped me out directly or indirectly, I wish you all successfully passing the L! and see you all in L2 soon. Me myself is also struggled a little at tests, didn’t finish morning session with guessing the last three and a little rush toward the end. PM session I did better with one left to do and guess some in between. I felt I am passing with 75%, but now only feel I may borderline passed after realize there are quite some tricks I didn’t catch. NO matter what, I gain knowledge through the study. Steve

yeah, also want to say thanks for the people who helped me out with things…i was much more of a lurker than others, but i definitely learned a lot from this board even if it makes me insane to come here at times. if some of you are in new york, we should all meet up sometime…but promise not talk about the CFA

Same here, I was a lurker too. But I have learnt so much from just reading the discussions. Thanks to all. dennis2085, it would be impossible not to talk about the CFA - 5 days have passed and we all still can’t seem to get away from here : -)

5 days already… didn’t time fly by? fells like its been long ago sonce we took that thing! unlike when it comes to waiting for the results though! thank god we all share this. best of luck to all of you guys!!