Direction needed please

Hi guys Please help! I am quite overwhelmed and getting despondent. I have answered 220 questions out of 4000 in the Q Bank (220/4000). I covered SS1 to SS 12. My score on average was 75%. Is there any hope for me to pass this exam? I will be going through SS13 to SS18 and will complete all Q bank as well as all the practice exams and mocks available from 2010-2011. Approx 13 exams in total. Am I doing the right thing? Does this look promising? I have put in 200 hours so far and can do another 180 hours approx before I write. Time is not an issue. Strategy and retention is the issue. Hope to hear from some of you bright guys soon :slight_smile: Janesha Govender

You’re fine. Take a chill pill.

From my experience…the 5 SS you are left with…At very first finish those with EOC question…then take mocks and do question bank together…I think you should be fine

Janesha, you are in good shape. Last year I started taking mock exams right around now. I started with scores in the mid 60s and by the end of May I was high 70s and I passed. IMO mock exams are the best because you get to see a little bit of everything in one sitting. Just continue to learn from your mistakes and you’ll be fine.

Thank you mg and dasa. Best wishes to you too for the exam.

Vanacum Janesha (I’m assuming you’re Tamil), I’m kind of in the same boat! I recently quit work and this is what I’m doing full time now until the exam. (Work was a horrible, time wasting thing that I didn’t need.) The last two weeks are going to be only mocks. But for now, I’m going through the last few SS’s. Right now I’m doing about 6 hours a day (2 hours at a time.) Well…that’s what I’m trying for. It’s hard to do but I’m sure by mid May, we’ll be ready to pass this!! Then it’s just hammer all the way home!