Brave ones, This was meant for friday but I feel I should do it now… I must say that you are the ones that have been studying with me all the time…no one else…since december when i did’n even suspect what was about to come, I decided to roll the sleeves and follow the hardest path…today i feel proud of myself, whatever happen saturday…i gave ALL i could… Next year some of us will be exactly in the same AF site…but in a different room…to everyone I will always owe respect and admiration…these last days here were unforgettable. just one positive vibe for saturday…imagine you’re exactly once again, with time running, doing two more sets of 120…if you’re used to have good scores…why not once again…if you’re not…why not saturday? cooooool brave ones…and CONFIDENCE… I will remember your nicks, you bet… tigas

ditto…mutual feelings and respect.

all due respects…my homies!

tigas thank you good luck

great post…it made me feel much more confident

I LOVE the test center pictures on the CFA website! There was a different one yesterday so prob they’re putting up a different one each day… I wish everyone all the best! Make today and tomorrow count - and ROCK it on Saturday! tigas - I can’t wait to see your “pass” post!

the pictures are brutal…can’t wait to enter space shuttle mode on saturday… get your motors ready buddys, we’re going to rock. WE ALL MUST BE CONFIDENT…HUMBLE and SHARP…that’s what I expect from the AF level 1 team… slorte - can’t ask more from me than ask for all you guys…the REWARD…the “UPGRADE” :slight_smile: keep cool and keep pressure high till the countdown reaches 0…

You’ve won many battles. Keep winning AFers… Wish you guys who are writing on the 6th all the best. I am writing on the 7th. btw, any attire that can provide luck (besides rabbit’s foot and a horse shoe). I need plenty of them.