Disadvantages for failing a CFA Exam?

Asides from the obvious money wasted, and time wasted (opportunity cost) for preparing for the exam, does it hamper your chances when applying for jobs? Does the employer take into account that you’ve failed and took 2-3 times to pass a level and won’t even consider you? Im just curious as I am taking my level1 exam next week for the first time, and as confident and prepared I believe I am, theres always the possibility of failing, which is putting more stress on me than i need. thanks

918 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > which is putting more > stress on me than i need. > IMHO, I think you should be focusing all your energy towards taking L1 next week. Don’t worry right now on how a possible fail could affect you and/or your career path. Just be as prepared as you can be walking into the exam next Saturday. If you would still like to discuss this when you’re done, feel free to repost after 12/5. Best of luck to you!

It’s like a drivers license exam - it really only matters that you eventually pass… though it is true that if you have an employer or a family member that is supporting you through the process, they can get annoyed if you have to take it over too many times.

I had an interview once for an ER position, and the interviewer straight out asked me if I ever failed a CFA exam. All other interviews I ever had never mentioned the CFA if I remember correctly.

Thanks for your replies guys, david I appreciate your post and you are 100% right, I have no idea right now why I am even psyching myself out. I guess I am feeling the pressure as exam date is approaching. Anyways, I am going to think positive, stay focused and wish me luck next week (and good luck too if you guys are writing l1) Cheers!


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