Disclosure Required or Not??

I stumbled on 2 identical questions from 2 different sources regarding disclosures to employers with different answers Both questions have the similiar situation. A newly hired PM filed for bankruptcy 2 yrs ago because of financial hardship, such as medical expenses not covered and being unemployed in the past. Must he/she disclose to the bankruptcy to the new employer? A) No B) Yes, duty of loyalty C)Yes, because bankruptcy has a potential to have conflict of interest Note: No where in the question did it say the personal bankruptcy involve fraudulent or deceitful business conduct. One answer to the question was A and the other was C. Please help. I think one would feel morally obligated to disclose something like this to a potential employer and being in a role of managing OPM’s but I’m not sure if this is an exception under codes n stnds.

My answer would be A coz personal bankruptcy nowhere means that the person isn’t professionally efficient. Moreover, the given reasons of being unemployed,not covering medical expenses doesn’t gurantee that the person wouldn’t perform better.Remember, past performance is no gurantee of the future.

I wouldn’t trust the Ethics questions offered by any Prep Provider. They can mess with your head. This question is a prime example of what I am talking about. Focus on the questions provided by CFAI.