Has anyone taken the time to review all LOSs that say “Discuss”, I would imagine any LOS with this keyword is a potential essay question. Based on the threads posted, I think we may be placing too much emphasis on difficult material (i.e. derivatives, which will likely be Multiple Choice, at least a 25% chance of getting it right)…and not enough emphasis on the potential layup essay questions…Reading 23 LOS A…discuss framework for capital market expectations. Simple easy points that you will either get a 0 on or pretty much full credit. Even if not an essay…these simple concepts can be tested in the “billy is incorrect with respect to A…and correct with respect to B” format

geeez…not a single reeply!..sriously tho…is anybody taking the time to memorize the more qualitative info?

ummm i hope no one is trying to memorize quantitative stuff!

agreed…thats y i said qualitative…comp_sci_kid…I hope you don’t read CFA questions the same way you read my post. I wonder if i’m just being overly paranoid here…but for example…if I gave you a situation for Short Rts, Bond Yields, & Stock Prices…would you be able to identify the appropriate phase of the business cycle?

Make my day :slight_smile:

orrr…SS#6 Reading 23 LOS P…Identify & Interpret the different approaches to forecasting exchange rates…I feel like these types of LOS’s are attacking my brain right now and destroying my confidence…help

i think we all feel the same…Different Approaches PPP, IRP…

er wrong…big willy…IRP is not listed…the text mentions PPP and 3 others

How can they not list Interest Rate Parity! ERRATA :slight_smile:

Also, do they mention a multi-factor model??

nope…multi-factor model is a tool for capital market expectations…thats not 1 of them…per CFA text the remaining 3 are… Relative Economic Strength forecast approach Capital Flows forecasting approach Savings-Investment Imbalances forecasting approach

…this is what I’m saying…its exactly the type of question that common sense would tell you IRP…0 points…or you memorize the qualitative ones i mentioned above and get full credit…simple easy points…but people are still wrestling w/ swaps etc.