Disheartened warrior

I am disheartened but I am not a loser. Giving it a shot tomorrow. But if I miss this time, I am gonna read all the stuff over n over again until I get a full command over each and every concept. I started too late, but it is a late realization. One month with 8 hrs on an average per day is not enough for this exam. I cannot remember so much stuff. Next time I am going to take at least 10 mocks for this and prepare it over a period of 4-6 months. I realize that you have to live with this coursework to understand it thoroughly and to make it an integral part of you for the rest of life. My brain cells are dead for now. Good luck to you guys. It was a pleasure being with you guys here. At least I didn’t feel lonely whenever I was down.

Think this way, if you pass you studied only a month, and 8 hours a day for a month should be sufficient too pass (8*30=240) Good luck tomorrow, you know more than you think.

I’m in the same position. I started studying well in advance, but have not mastered the topics. I am thinking it is going to be a tough day tomorrow, but hopefully, this second scotch will kill off all the slow brain cells…

wow…good to know you guys are not as tense as me :).