Display CFA candidacy on Linkedin

From CFA institute social media guideline:

"Do not use your candidacy in the Heading of your profile. "

Any idea why it is not allowed?

You passed level 2 and can’t figure out?


I saw a person wrote this for their linked in profile name (name altered to hide her identity):

Jane Bruin, CFA Level III Candidate

Jane Bruin has recently registered for CFA level III exam. Right after that, she updated her LinkedIn profile’s headline as “Jane Bruin, CFA Level III Candidate”. 125mph, a new young CFA charterholder, who received his charter a week ago, saw Jane’s updated LinkedIn profile and didn’t make any further action. Who is in violation of CFA Code & Ethics standards:

A) Jane only, for inappropriate display of her candidacy

B) 125mph for not reporting the violation

C) Both are in violation

125mph has no supervision authority, so he has not failed to supervise. He is not bound to report to the authorities, as there are no authorities. 125mph must disengage from the activity, so he has logged off LinkedIn. 125mph is not young either!

Answer A.

omg, love this

Answer C

It was noted that 125mph also recieved an email when he received the charter that week that said,

"You are now a CFA® charterholder and may use the coveted CFA designation. You now belong to our global community of more than 165,000 investment management professionals dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards, cultivating strong and fair investment markets, and putting investors first. "

He failed to uphold the high CFA standards and reported the misconduct


Reality: 125mph is a busy man who has bigger fish to fry than Jane. #MODELSANDBOTTLES

Is Jane hot? Not asking because it makes a difference on who’s in violation - I just am curious.