Dissected Forbes Billionaires List

Here is link to Forbes global billionaires list: http://www.sreenimeka.com/pdf/forbes2009.pdf Here are some highlights: Total Billionaires: 793 from 54 nations. • Highest Number of Billionaires live in United States (359) followed by Germany (54), Russia (32), China(28), and UK (25) and India (24). • Total net worth of these 793 Billionaires is 2.415 Trillion dollars that is more than British GDP in 2006. • Median age of the Billionaires is 64 and most Billionaires (mode) at age of 63. • Youngest Billionaire is German’s 25 year old “Albert von Thurn und Taxis” with 2.1 Billion worth ranked at 318 in the world.

I always like to take a look at that list to see who’s who and how they made the money.

love the guy who runs a mexican drug cartel

scandoworker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > love the guy who runs a mexican drug cartel Yep, he’s my favorite as well. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1884982,00.html

I thought Slim passed Gates last year.

there’s a billionaire mexican drug lord on that list too.