Distressed Debt Analysis

Anyone know any good books or resources on distressed debt due diligence? The focus is Comm Real Estate/bonds backed by real estate. I understand the due diligence req on assest level i.e. appraisal, kicking dirt etc but no that familiar on if/how to conduct any due dilligence on the securities themselves i.e. 1st notes. Apologies for the open ended question here-trying to get my arms around how distressed debt is priced. Any ideas/suggestions??

anyone? :slight_smile:

Moyer - Distressed Debt Analysis

I knowwww…thats the only freggin…book i can find besides 2-3 technical and deadly boring Wiley Finance books. There is a news service called DebtWire.com dedicated to DD but not much else. Thanks for the Ref though!!!

and its an awesome book - have you read it yet?

My Bankruptcy class (taught by Altman from below) had the one I mentioned above and the three below as readings (the first on this list was required, the others were recommended along with the book above). Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy - Altman and Hotchkiss Vulture Investors - Rosenberg Distressed Securities: Analyzing & Evaluating Market Potential & Investment Risk - Altman I didn’t read the last book, but the other two aren’t as relevant (though they are still must-reads if you want to spend more than 2 years in that business). If you can’t pick it up from that, you might need to learn more about finance in general or work in one of those funds to get hands on experience. It isn’t terribly difficult, but it is an art more than a science.