Distribution of results

Hi - first post here having sat June 2011 To give a bit of background: to study I used Stalla and dipped into the CFA texts - so apart from AF did not come into contact with other candidates. However, looking around on exam day everyone seemed like they were well prepared intelligent folk - and this certainly applies to all the posters on AF! Having spent hours on the exam post mortem working out (guessing) what my expected Exam result is likely to be - I am probably in the range 67% to 74% which might be good enough depending on MPS. I would like a better feel for where that puts me in comparison to other L1 candidates. Ie what is the distribution of results? I get the feeling it is not going to be a normal distribution - but only facts I can put my finger on is the pass rate of say 35% and MPS of around 70% Happy to canvas your views on: -How well prepared were other people in your study groups / classes? -Are there large cohorts just missing out on the MPS? -What would the frequency distribution look like? -What is the range of results? Thanks & GL to everyone who sat June 2011! Cheers

How did you get to 67-74%? Do you think you got approx 70 questions wrong? Good luck

Hi sabre Now I don’t seem to be head down in books all the time I have time to spend thinking about the exam and play about with spreadsheets On all my mocks and actual exam I would run through the exam once answering all the questions that came readily to me, then a second run for those that were slightly harder and then third time a random guess on all those that I could not answer. I marked each section separately so know roughly how many I get right on each run through plus a margin for the guesses. I can then also work out how hard the exam was from the proportion of anwswers between each run and the number of guesses As I can guarantee that there were some guesses in each exam I took I wanted to exclude the marks for these from assessing my score in mocks - no point measuring how lucky I am Is anyone else doing this or have you been able to forget about L1 until July 25th? Thanks

I don’t I just forgot the entire exam after I finished. After the AM session, I decided not to think of it until the end, and after the PM session, I realized that the entire exam just vanished from my memory. I did wake up the day after with 2 question that I thought a lot during the exam in mind and ran right away to check the answers that I got right fortunately. But since then, nothing can’t remember an entire question, just broadly what part of the material had been tested, but nothing more…

Passing rates are somewhere between 35-40%. Just generalizing the crowd I saw where I wrote mine, I’m pretty sure more than 50% of people there were joe blows with big dreams. I don’t think people should be too worry, especially not the ones that are serious enough to be part of AF.

^^^^^^ Agreed with this dude. I felt that I was above average in terms of preparedness…and I took it in Toronto where the CFA is more well known and iI’m certain most candidates know how much work has to be done to pass, etc.