Ditch CFAI Books for Schweser?

Hi guys,

I started the CFA program in January 2014 for level 1 and passed in June. Now I’m working on level 2. I got a new job this past summer and I am required to do the CFP designation. As a result, I’m studying for both the CFA and CFP right now and I’m struggling to get through the CFA curriculum (using CFAI books). The CFP prerequesite courses I’m doing by comparison is much easier but still time consuming. I started reading for CFA level 2 in mid-October and I’m only on reading 10. Do you think I should give up the CFAI books and use Schweser? The thing is, I usually need in depth explanations to understand complicated topics with plenty of examples. I’m not sure if Schweser would be sufficient.

Thanks for the help.

My reaction after reading a variation of this thread 10+ times

read cfai texts for quant, pensions, anything you find more challenging. No need to ask when you Can supplement with material you already paid for

Study from Schweser, use CFAI books as reference.

Make sure you do the CFAI EOC for sure. If you have time, stick with just CFAI.

Some people swear by Schweser. For me personally, they were not working for L2 as I was not learning the material. I threw them in the trash literally.