Ditch Schweser ethics?

Noticing some inconsistencies between Schweser questions and CFAI ethics questions. The ethics section is just so subjective, so I don’t blame Schweser, as I’m sure they’re under some copyright laws as well in not being able to duplicate the CFAI questions. I’m also noticing that their exam questions are longer and different than the Sample CFAI questions. With that said, is it best to just ditch the Schweser ethics questions on q bank (I still have probably 50 or 60 that are undone) both for purposes of time and also because it may confuse me more?

I think they suck. Stick to the CFAI end of section questions and the mock/sample exam questions.

also check out the CFAi online exam. it contains 49 very good ethics questions.

did not touch schweser ethics, read cfai, scroing ~80% average. higher of CFAI questions. the online exam with 49 questions i found much easier than other cfai material.

djjk1, whats cfai online exam? you mean samples? mocks?

theres a 49 question CFAi sample ethics exam. it seemed pretty good but its been a while since i did it. dont have the actual link but its easy enough to find.

How is schweser ethics different from cfai? this is huge, can someone give examples?

I think schweser is fine for 95% of ethics questions.

does anyone have a link to the cfai ethics exam?

http://www.cfainstitute.org/centre/codes/ethics/self_exam.html Register under any number - it doesn’t care.

i heard this exam sucked and was way easier than real exam Q. True?

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