Dividing the study time in reading the books,revising and practising problems

My question is what % of time should be spend in reading the books for CFA L1?What percentage for revising and what % of time should be spend practising problems from Q Bank etc.

Any suggestions from CFA L1 Dec takers and people who have passed L1 are welcome

75-80% reading the CFAI texts, rest of time divied up on this site, flashcards, and problems. for level 1, they only try to trick you 20% of the time. most of what was on the exam was sraight out of the book. problem is, you cant game the test. anything is fair game so you have to have a good grasp of everything. going in saying you will bomb one section and do ok on the rest will not cut it. because on test day, there are other variables in play that are not around when you are studying at home. also, time yourself!!! you have 90 secs a question. sounds like a lot, but i spent 5 minutes on a real estate problem, if you get caught doing this too much, you will fail not because you do not know material, but b/c you do not manage time well.

Thanks Daj,basically you mean it is more about the retention of the basic concepts along with timing the paper properly.

CFAI books suck, anyone else with me. im just gonna focus on the Stalla notes

“CFAI books suck” By suck do you mean long? I wasn’t a big fan of some parts of quant, but I thought ethics, econ, and the first 200 pages of FSA so far are pretty good.

way too tedious for the most part. i think the notes cover pretty much everything that needs to be learned, except for maybe the ethics section, where I did read through the CFAI material in its entirety

cfai texts explain very well, but who has the time to read all of that? mysuggestion - do the schweser/stalla readings and questions followed by the CFAi back of book questions. if you have problems go and read the CFAi texts in detail. cheers