What a waste of paper/cost it is to have the do it yourself LOS cards. Am i jumping the gun by assuming nobody is going to fill these out?

I didn’t have a choice when I got my study package, I opened it up and there they were: blank LOS cards! It’s kind of like buying a blank greeting card - seriously, what the heck schweser…?

I don’t think we all had a choice which is even worse. We paid for these implicitly and they’re…well…ya AbbeFaria: “what the heck schweser”

If I would have lots of time, I would prefer to fill them out combining flashcards and my own notes. However the problem is I don’t even have time to finish the books, net alone to write the notes for each LOS. I bought the LOS cards for both L1&2. They are really nice to have when you commute and have something to refresh your mind. Schweser must assume we have plenty time to kill.

agree with everyone … waste of paper at this end … will give it to a mum to be who will make alphabet flash cards … I am going too slowly through both cfai and schweser material …

if anything i might use them for the really confusing / difficult LOS’s …I might write them up in late april/ early may when i start reviewing hopefully …

I have found a use for some of them. Fold them in half and you’ve got yourself a coaster. No more rings left on the table, thanks schweser!

I just recieved them with the essential package. I think it is a very good way to learn. It always easier something if you write it down in your own words instead of just reading it. I hope I will have the time to fill out the topics I am not good in. I would be happy if my german university would have provided such stuff instead of 6 boring books for information that CFAI/Schweser teaches me in 30 pages.

I’m with you guys. I had to order the filled cards for about $100.