DJ futures down 269

hey don’t come crying on the board if you can’t take a little jab here and there. I typically don’t even mind your posts, but hate to be the one to break it to you that this forum was here before you and will most likely be here after you as well, so I dont see a point in trying to sound like you are the lifeblood here. The world you live in with the “haters” and people who “got your back” must be cool, I’ll stay in the real world and watch LEH and MER cease to exist…back to you on the scene daj…

I think Daj keeping us updated with the news provides a good medium for discussion – more interesting to me than reading the WSJ

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > oh sorry. i guess im stressed too. it is sunday so > i am not taking in too many magic hats, but im > gonna have to kill another one. Magic Hat is good, but try some Samuel Smith, Victory, Dogfish Head, and some Sierra Nevada. After the meltdown of the financial industry, I think we’re all gunna need a few beers (especially those of us who were planning on making a move in the near term…ugh…).

350, damn!

tomorrow at work is going to suck ditchdigger2CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 350, damn!

It’s been worse this year. Back in January the DJIA futures were down over 400 one night and into the morning. Bernanke made that emergency 75 bps rate cut which virtually erased the losses. We won’t see anything tomorrow from the FOMC but could see some rate easing Tuesday afternoon. We definitely won’t see much buying early in the morning.

NakedPuts Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > It’ll be closer to Jan 22nd - huge hit on the > open, rallies but still way down, ends down <200. Yeah, it’s only 10:30, but I already feel it’s important to bump this thread. I might be a little wrong because AIG is a Dow component, but looks like I could spot on in the SPX and RUT.