DNC - 2016 Deja Vu

Where’s the lady in red? They cut Tulsi from the debate (and Marianne for that matter). I guess the DNC sees them more as FLOTUS material.


Debate last night

Next debate


GOP Side


Tulsi isn’t polling well enough and Trump doesn’t want to defend his hand/penis size on stage any more.

Was Tulsi ever really that popular? Other than that, yeah it seems pretty similar. Some old geezer/female geezer from the party establishment fighting off left wing people. Even now, they are still trying to position themselves as Obama 2.

the polling is the machine. Where as unique donors is quantifiable, the polling can be massaged and manipulated to get the results you want. I’d love for trump to replace bolton with tulsi and further solidify his win.

Looks like Trump 2020 more likely. I dont see myself voting for Sanders or Warren (Sanders maaaybe, but def not Warren)… and i voted Hillary

Biden is the only front runner I could stomach over Trump. Sanders and Warren are just too far left for me.

still early. come back in 2020

Where’s Hillary?

I prefer Biden. But I don’t mind sanders.

Same, but i put Yang and Butegieg (sp?) and maybe Harris as well in Trump vs Sanders/Warren i will be voting for Trump probably


#yangGang #freemonies #math

yep im down for the yang gang. honestly we need to raise taxes on the rich. restrict immigrantion. and give free monies to all. statiscally speaking the us is an inferior country to many other developed countries in terms of equality, productivity, and education.

I am surprised, Nery. Don’t you want to create an underclass in the US to serve you and who are uneducated and therefore too docile to rise against you?

These debates have been a complete snoozefest.

The Dem debate playbook

  1. Bash Trump 2. Pander to minorities 3. Incoherent anecdote trying to establish one’s self as part of the victim class or as an ally of the victim class. 4. Promise a bunch of free shit -> rich smirking white guys on Wall Street will pay for it.

that is scenario a. which is mass immigration. but minimal to no benefits given to anyone. no minimum wage laws or labor protection. as long as they are not a liability to our country. the poor ones will get priced out. both migrants and domestic freeloaders. survival of the fittest. taxes will be higher than usual due to larger population, but smaller on a per capita basis. services will be cheaper though!

scenario b. is restrict immigration, and give many benefits to all citizens. it is a lot easier to take care of a small group of useless people. less traffic. more efficient. plus cultural values will be intact and not diluted by inferior countries. taxes will be lower since it is a smaller gorup of usless people, but it will be higher on a per capita basis, but services will be more expensive. the small group of people will be overpaid.

Make the case for trump, what has he done to earn your vote?