Do any firms actually use GIPS

or am i learning this for nothing.


are you serious?

my firm gets gips audited every yr.

yes, flame away if you like but i’ve never seen the phrase “(blank) has prepared and presented this report in compliance with GIPS” on any performance report (perhaps i’m not looking carefully). i understand that the way they calculate things is fairly standard, but if being complient with GIPS standard.

Any firm with institutional clients has to use GIPS. It’s a basic expectation in the market.

if u do a search, there’s a thread abt this from couple of months ago…

Oskigo, if you dont mind me asking what do you do?

… count me in, I’ve used all kinds of reports but I don’t remember seeing anything about GIPS. Most of the reports are directed to individual investors, but many are S&P reports.

They often don’t state it directly as the CFAI would have you believe, but they’re definitely prepared in compliance. If you can believe it, I, NP, MotU, used to work in performance.

I’m a money manager. I must admit i have very little to do with the process of creating hte performance reports

anybody who wants to win a finals for a reasonably sized institutional account presents their data gips compliant, from what I understand.

Oskigo, i guess if your firm doesnt claim GIPS compliance then you might not see it b/c you’re not looking at other firms performance reports. But Yes, many, many firms do Claim GIPS. And as newsmaker stated it is a big deal for RFPs.

fair enough. i will now pout in the corner. :slight_smile: