Do any of these count for qualifying experience?

These are some jobs some of my friends in the CFA program are considering… has anyone here done anything similar AND received qualifying experience towards the CFA Charter for any of them? The list of sample qualifying experience is here: 1) Financial Advisor (sales) positions for Mass Mutual, Primerica, World Financial Group, etc. It says on the CFA site that “Financial Advisor” positions count for qualifying experience, supposedly. Not to mention that they don’t pay any salary… your pay entirely comes from the commission from selling Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, etc. My friend, who isn’t very great with sales, is thinking of taking one of these positions, at least temporarily if it counts towards his CFA charter. 2) Financial Institutions Examiner for the California government. See: My concern with this position is that one does not directly involve oneself in the investment decision-making process but regulates banks which may participate in such activities.

I work as a bank examiner and have colleagues who are charterholders. I’ve also met examiners from different agencies who are charterholders, so I’m under the assumption it still qualifies as acceptable work experience.

the way it’s been described to me is that anything reasonable qualifies as long as you write it properly. like i wondered about someone who is involved in acquistions for a gas station company. pretty much everyone i asked said absolutely, just write in investment terms. speaking of energy, calgary has a huge number of people writing the exam and not that many tradtional money management jobs. it has some, don’t get me wrong, and i presume stock brokers have moved into it quite heavily