Do I have a chance with these scores?

Economics 55% FRA 54% Equity 68% FI 72% Stat 60% CF 69% Der 77% AI 45% PM 55% Ethics 50%

It depends, are those your averages? Whose mocks did you take and how many?

On the surface of it, the answer I think is no, those scores are probably not high enough.

I am on the same boat. I can’t seem to move past 50-60% on mocks. Frustrating and upsetting - things I get wrong are very basic questions. Either I fall into traps or can’t remember details because topics are so vast. Being discouraged as days pass by…

Yep. You should do. I did one mock for Level II the week of the exam and scored an abysmal 55%. Pitiful. I spent the last few days before the exam doing the CFAI sample vignettes. Exam day, I was feeling pretty good after the AM portion, but got spanked during the PM. I couldn’t come up w/ a single answer that agreed with the answer choices on many of the topics that I thought I’d do well. Very depressed.

Passed anyway.

Keep your chin up and keep going.

why dont you just post the overall score and tell people which mock you did if you want any proper opinion?

hi Iammy how do you compare the real thing to the CFAI mock and CFAI TT? And what score you reckon would we need in the exam to pass? Many thanks.

This is like “I have a 3.2 GPA from a solid but not great school, no Ivy. I did ballet in kinder and was valedictorian of my middle school. Also interned at my local Wachovia branch office. Do I get into Equity Sales in Dallas?”

Each case is different, way too less information to pass appropriate judgment on how you will do. Just keep studying.

In what universe is somebody’s strongest score in derivatives?! :grin:

It’s topic test averages from CFA website

Topic test derivatives are relatively easy. I did 87% on those 5 vignettes, whereas in the mock 8/18.

To be honest since I did the mock I don’t find the topic tests difficult (apart from those notorious ones like Eriksson and Vitality).

next time, please dont be honest

I think your score is good, given the fact that Topic tests are really difficult.

how did you do in schweser mocks? if you dont do schweser, how did you do on CFA mock?


back to the original question: everyone has a chance. you already spent time and resource for this exam, might as well go for it and do your best.

you might feel insecure and unhappy about the performance on D-Day but you may be wrong.

was a joke :))

yeah, thanks man. i think exam will be easier than official mock and maybe topic tests as well

at least during 1st level it was like that for me

good luck to u too

The more vigs you do the better your score will be as long as you review each one and learn from your mistakes. I’m not sure if the CFAI mock is harder than the real thing because once you review your mocks you’re instantly more knowledgeable and in a better position to pass so the correlation of having higher actual exam scores than mock scores makes sense. Just keep working. If any of those questions you worked in your mocks or TT’s come up then those points are yours. Don’t give up hope just because you got a low mock score. My CFAI PM score was a terrible 53%, but after working tons of vigs and reviewing each of them my scores are much higher and more stable (very few if any 3/6 per vig now).