Do I have enough time if I start this month.

I took my CFA level 1 exam yesterday. Would like to take CAIA in September 2009. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about CAIA. Is this exam similar to CFA. How long does it take to prepare for CAIA Level 1? Which notes are good? Do you guys think I should take it September 2009 or March 2010? Thanks.

ksn - I’m in the same position as yourself and I was looking on the CAIA’s website and came across a prerequsite review exam that they have on there which is supposed to give you an idea if you would be ready to take the real thing. They say if you score over 70% you should be good to go. I plan on taking this either today or tomorrow and based on the results I may sign up (still have to consider the expense part of it). Here’s the link:

Thank you very much. Would take the prerequisite exam today or tomorrow. Btw how was your CFA Level 1?

I think it went well, I would be surprised if I didn’t pass. I put in about 350hrs so I would hope that would do it. I’ve been flip flopping all day on whether I should register for this exam. The $2k (to register and schweser notes) could make my summer alot more enjoyable if I were to not do this not to mention the hours I would be putting in. I might just wait until next Sept. to take it.

i studied 125-150 hours on this used schweser notes (flashcard, notes, q-bank and exam book) 99% of the time Even if you start in July, there would be enough time. After the CFA lvl 1, the CAIA lvl 1 should be easier. Whether it is useful; it depends on your job or career. If my company didnt pay for it; i would have never have done it. If you dont plan life in alternative investment (i.e hedge fund and PE) then spend your money and summer on holiday in Bali or something

You definitely have time given the material. I have skimmed through it and it seems relatively self-explanatory. Quant is a huge section, so if your not intuitive at math you’ll have to work a bit harder. Just finish up that qbank.

Thanks for the advice.

My friend offered me 2008 Schweser CAIA material for $70. Has the syllabus changed much in the last two years.

For level 2 yes, but not for level 1. At least this is what I was told a couple months ago.

Time enough if you start now… The material from Schweser has only become available since 4 weeks ago. And the planned program in those books (week 4 read chapter 4.3 etc) hasnt even started yet. So go for it.