Do I have enough time?

I started studying in February but a few things came up along the way that forced me to put studying on hold. I had to devote a large portion of time to applying for (and gaining acceptance to) a very good MSF program that starts this summer. Shortly after, I quit my job.

So basically, I have about 45 days until test time and I’m ~300 pages into Book #2 (FRA/Corp Finance) of the Schweser material. I averaged out, and if I study 6-8 hours per day from now until test day, that will give me 270-360 hours study time.

Do you guys think this is enough? I almost feel obligated to do this “full time” and I feel like if I don’t pass Level 2 it will simply because I didn’t commit myself for these 45 days.

I don’t really have any other obligations until the MSF program starts so I feel like I should be okay but could use a little encouragement.

  • john

Do it!!! Treat it like your job if you have nothing else going on. You’re already enrolled for the exam and if you don’t commit then you’ll probably regret it. As long as you put your all into it, then you don’t have to look back and ask “What if?”

go for gold mate…u got nothing to lose!!!

If you don’t do it, I’ll make fun of you relentlessly for being a little girly man.

You are not alone!! I started studying some 10 days back… done with Quant, Eco, FRA… now doing CorpFin…

We can do it!!!

Sweet. Sounds like we are at the same place more or less. Are you studying full time right now? My work sponsored the Schweser Premium package so I’ve got more than enough materials.

PS: Thanks for the comments everyone else. Let’s all knock this 'B outa the park.

Thanks johnnyBuz!! I study for around 5-6 hrs a day… but have to pace up now, so targeting ~7 hrs… We must finish our readings asap… so that we can review and practice mocks…

Good luck :slight_smile: