Do I need any more mock exams?

I have 2011 & 2012 CFA mock exams, 2012 mock exam from my course provider, and the Schweser Volume 1 exams from last year. So 6 exams all up. I need to ask my work today for reimbursement permission if I want any more study materials but I’m a bit put off that each Schweser Volume is $149. Can anyone suggest which Schweser volume to buy, bearing in mind that I have last year’s #1? I know the second volume of exams get quite esoteric but does anyone know if this year’s #1 is just an updated version of last year’s #1?

As to where I’m at, I’m behind at 190 hours but I have 2 weeks off to revise – doing the last couple of readings in Quant & Eco (have made notes and solved EOC questions for all readings), thanks to some mad 12 hour day weeks over the last month. I work in the industry. I intend to solve all the EOC questions again as my primary method of revision followed by mock exams to finesse exam technique.

More practice, more hours.