Do I need Schweser material for 2016, or I can depend on 2015 material?

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You can depend on 2015.

You will also have CFAI books for 2016.

I recommend latest books only. The effort that you are going to put into preparation does not justify risk of old books unless there is some serious financial hurdle.

Not much has changed between 2015 and 2016, the only change being to asset manager code of conduct. So, I if I were you, I would just use the 2015 material.

The material itself isn’t an issue in my opinion, but what matters is the practice. I don’t think I could have passed L3 without the question bank. After reading a portion of the material, I would reinforce with EOC questions in the book, but then also complete 50-75% of the available questions in the online question bank.

I wouldn’t do it without the question bank myself.

I think 2015 would be sufficient, since you also get 2016 cirriculum if there is anything new. I personally didn’t use the Schweser Q bank at all. I am pretty confident in my multiple choice skills. What I needed practice was writing, which was not available from the online Q bank. If you do all the EOC practice questions, Schweser practice exams, and the mock and actuals provided by CFAI, you should be good.