Do i need to buy entire package of each provider to get access to mock exams


I am interested in writing mock exams of as many provider (IFT, Sch., Mark Meldrum, Konvexity, Boston, e.t.c) that I can get access to. Here, the issue is that I have to purchase entire package as they don’t come as standalone basis (except Konvexity). Like, I have to spend CAD 325 to get Mark Meldrum package in order to get hold of mocks (i dont have time to go through other material). I have already burnt tons of my savings and dont know how to cheaply access to all mocks of each provider. Any suggestion.

Bottom line is how to get 12-15 mocks in most economical manner.

Not necessarily. Konvexity & IFT mocks can be purchased separately and they are not xpensive either. Mark, I guess provides option of purchasing mocks separately. Fitch mocks can also be bought as a standalone product

No, You don’t need to purchase the entire package. You can always purchase only the Mock exams from most of the Training Providers.