Do I need to keep my Level 1 books for Level 2?


I think keeping them would not be a bad idea, especially the FSA books, you can always go back and refer to them if you think your basics are not clear

also for the derivatives they are helpful

Is it essential for Level 2 study as I have given the june 08 books to a friend who is sitting in Dec 08? I would have thought everything you need is in the Level 2 books or do they assume you know stuff from level 1 or say refer to book X chp Y? Ta muchly

no that’s not necessary, everything is in the book but if you have the L1 books its great because if you can not get basic concepts into your fat lazy brains then you may be well off referring to them from L1 books if you concepts are clear then there is no need for you to have the books

There is really not much value in selling them since they shift the curriculum every year. But you might use them as reference books while studying for Level 2. I’ve kept my books.

no, you don’t need them… i did the level 2 more than 5 years after doing level 1. and i glanced at that tiny level 0 book that schweser provided. the only area i’d say you might want to look at is T-testing for intervals… they have it in level 2 but i think they somewhat just jump to it. i looked at type 1 and 2 errors but that’s not in level 2 curriculum so i don’t think it matters. obviously if you had no background whatsoever in any of this stuff, then the more i’d lean to keeping the books

imo, you don’t need TWO sets of CFAI books to study from. stick to the L2 books, they’ll hammer in everything you need. read them over and over.