Hey Guys, I know this forum serves a different purpose but i am not able to receive a satisfactory answer from LEVEL 1 guys.I am sure u would help me on this issue. I am a Newbie.I have recently appeared in my final year exams(B.COM,it’s a 3year college degree program) and would like to register for the CFA JUNE’10 LEVEL 1 exam.I don’t have any work experience whatsoever.I know that the registrations for the JUNE’10 exam shall immense after the JUNE’09 exam.Now,i would request u guys to enlighten me on the registration process and enrollment eligilbilty.I have 3 questions for u :- 1.)Does my university graduation degree(3yrs)qaulifies as a degree equivalent to U.S. bachelor’s degree? 2.)As mentioned above,i don’t have any work experiance,Can i still register for the exam? 3.)I don’t have a credit card,Can i use my cousin’s credit card for registration?but then the SHIPPING address and the BILLING address will be different,would that be a problem? Guys,Please help. Thanks

Hey, this link can help you out't+have+work+experience%2C+can+I+still+register+for+CFA%3F

why don’t you email / call the CFA Institute rather than lurking around third-party forums? they would best answer your questions.

  1. Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Yes. You can use a seperate shipping address. All the best.

stop being an idiot and posting the same sh*t over and over. do you really want to rely on the advice of an internet forum and risk $1000? people already told you to ask the cfa institute.

“…registrations for the JUNE’10 exam shall immense after the JUNE’09 exam…” Love it. -1

Thank u guys,I am in ur debt,i really appreciate ur help and my apologies to those who were offended by my numerous posts on this forum.The only reason i posted my query several times is that CFA institute didn’t care to reply to my query and it’s been 3 weeks already.So thats y i posted this several times in order to atleast get a vague idea.NIRAJ and SUPERSHARPSHOOTER,ur point is well taken.


Your degree is fine. No reason you can’t sign up. The CFA institute is notoriously poor at responding to queries such as this. They seem to view themselves as some sort of secret society answerable to no-one other than themselves. They’re the kind of people who liked The Da Vinci Code that little bit TOO much, if you know what I mean. When it comes to setting the MPS every summer I could imagine a council of 12 meeting in a stone-clad, incense-infused basement somewhere in Charlottesville dressed in robes and chanting in latin verse.

hahaha…well said CARSON…BUT WHAT ABOUT question “3” in my query?Would u be so kind as to answer the 3rd question?

storko Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hey, > this link can help you out > >’t+have+work+experienc > e%2C+can+I+still+register+for+CFA%3F + 1 . Are you an indian superhero’s sidekick ?? Turbanator and Jatboy …??