Do I still have a chance to get hired?

Just completed an interview yesterday, I met 7 people, two interviewers among them talked with me over the phone at the interview room(because they work in another city, one is HR person, another person will probably be hiring manager’s manager, he will probably relocate to this city three months later ). I felt I did not perform the phone interview well with that manager, he asked many tough questions, but I think I had good conversations with other interviewers incuding VP. At end of the interview, I came back to the hiring manager’s office, and he asked how was my feeling with the interview. I said “I enjoyed this trip, but I am afraid I didn’t perform well in first phone interview, i didn’t give good answers for some questions”( would this make me look like unconfidence?). Manager told me" it has not been determined whether that manager come to here or not, maybe he will not come, also everyone needs to learn, I am still learning. So far, everyone likes you". My questions is what effects that manager would play in hiring decision"

Who knows? Wait and see.

If you really said “unconfidence” in the interview, you probably won’t be hired. :wink: To answer your question, now this thing is out of your hand. Just pray and wait. There is always another job.

You really shouldn’t have given that answer.

You really shouldn’t have given that answer.

You goofed by saying you thought you didn’t give good answers in the phone interview. Whether they still hire you is anyone’s guess. Your goof-up might not factor in, but, in the future, there’s no point in expressing that you think you messed up.

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I didn’t say " I am not confidence" I just said" I am afraid I didn’t perform well phone interview with that manager, he asked many tough questions". It just like when I complete CFA exam, if some one ask me how is about exam, I say “too hard, i will definitely fail” but in fact, maybe I will pass it

Worst thing you can do now is to regret and worry about it. Have a beer and move on.

If you have a client facing role, lack of confidence is a problem. The company needs to have its client face to be approachable and confident. If it’s not a client facing role, it may show humility and self awareness, and a lot of people are willing to chalk up minor things to nervousness. Also, depending on the shop, humility may be more appreciated than the Gordon Gekko stereotype would suggest. A lot of money is probably lost because people who are unsure of their recommendations present it “with confidence.” So, in the future, try to avoid saying things like this, because the benefit is probably worth the risk, but it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker in any way.