do-it-yourself LOS cards

I got a box in the mail today with the Schweser DIY LOS Cards…I guess they were part of my package, I didn’t even know about them. Anyways, has anybody used these or considered using them? They seem like a good way to just focus on the LOS and review previous topics…I was never big on flashcards but since they are here, I might as well use them…any thoughts?

I looked at them with a WTF kind of expression. I had the filled out notecards for level 1, but I barely used them. I am definitely not using these and I think it was a waste of money. Schweser should have given us the option to not buy these.

I agree. I looked at them and thought WTF, and then placed them aside.

haha i agree too. what a random product. if they came in a box, that´s one thing. but having to tear them off yourself? i´ve already tried removing a couple from the book and they´re fiddly fiddly fiddly. got perforated paper all over my floor. at least they were free…

They should be already filled in… I think if you have the time to actually use them it will re emphasis the material and you can use it on the subway, bus, wherever where you can not or do not want to pull out a book, but seeing how its already almost end of February and they take so much time to actually complete not sure if I will use them

I think they are good, ive been filling them in as I go, and will get people to randomly test me on them when the time is right (definatley not now!)

I think it depends how you study. One of my buddies loves them. I don’t find any use out of them. Andrew Holmes really likes them (guy doing Scwheser online lectures)

I think they are a good idea in theory, but I can’t realistically see myself filling out a card for every LOS

First I thought about tossing them or giving them to someone who might use them, but then I figured I don’t have to fill out each and every single card. Might be a good idea to just jot down on the respective card random things you wanna review later. Even if you end up using only 50 or something in total, it might still help… just my 2

If you use only one (1) flashcard to remind you of certain important points, and those points come up on exam day, and they prove to be the watershed between success or failure, the cards have served their purpose. I had the flashcards for Level I (the filled in sort of cards) and used maybe 20%. It doesn’t mean the cards were no good. I didn’t do all and every question in the QBank either, but that doesn’t make me think it was a useless product.

I am using them, writing out the main points of the LOS helps me retain the material. Then I flip through them on my drive to and from work. It really helps with total memorization items, like State the Code of ethics, or formulas

anyone want to sell theirs?

i sold mine on ebay for $46. And used it towards dinner. An above average steak was alot more helpful to me than a bunch of blank flashcards.

I find these very helpful to put one and two together … but again, everyone is different. Good luck to all.

I find these very helpful … but again, everyone is different. Good luck to all.

i like the concept as well, but can’t imagine tearing all those pages. I might sell mine as well, go buy some shoes or something.

LOL@ Buddha’s steak comment. I see why you got that name haha.