Do level 3 results come faster as its less people

Last time it took me 2 hours after the official release to get an email from CFA, hoping now as its only CFA 3 results that it will be faster :slight_smile: Fingers crossed peeps!! Best of luck.

Yeah I definitely hope so!! Took over 5 hours for my L2 results to come through last year!!

Its always faster because of lower traffic. You should get within 30 mins hopefully. Goodluck to us

I was thinking the same thing a little while ago – we should get results faster than for L2. It’s only 8:40am ET and I am already refreshing my email!

It would be nice if they did, but judging from last years results thread it doesn’t appear so…

Boys and girls, good luck !

good ol’ CFAI haha…can always count on them to “deliver”

yes faster than level 2 and i. I think i got my level 3 at 9.20 and level 2 at 9.40 est

I was pondering this very thought today… I sure do hope so…

Seems as if: I got my results at 9:03

Seems like they did, wasn’t so nice though…

got mine half an hour in! did much worse in the AM then i thought i did but breezed PM :slight_smile: Congrats to al that passed, head up high to those that didn’t, am sure you will manage it next year!