Do People Actually Like PSY?

So I fear that I have lost all touch with humanity. A co-worker encouraged me to listen to Gangnam Style by PSY. I was at a loss when I watched his video on youtube. The song was so horrific that I assume it must be a joke, but that raised another issue with me. It was so ridiculously absurd that there was no possible way any reasonable human being could have found humor in it. Is there some type of punchline that I am missing?

Nice ring to it. Plus chicks love dancing it. At the last Christmas party, all the HCBs at the office couldn’t wait to move it gangnam style. It’s so 2012 though.

I think the only reason this song caught on is because of that horse riding dance move. Kinda like the macarena. Other than that it’s just bubble gum music for the masses.

K-Pop is actually a really popular genre, guys. Psy was just able to make a mainstream K-Pop song. I don’t like either K-Pop or Psy, but the video was funny.


He’s a mother-father-gentleman.

I think there was a week during the NFL season were some 100+ players did a gangnam style celebration.

Correct; it is intended to be ironic. Gangnam Style is essentially a protest song. The New Yorker said this:

It can take the uninitiated a minute to realize that “Gangnam Style” is satire. When the absurdly infectious single by Korean pop star PSY appeared in July, the video had all the hallmarks of earnest K-pop: highly engineered dance routines, over-the-top styling, and the Technicolor production values honed by Seoul’s hit-making industry, which my colleague John Seabrook describes in the magazine this week in his piece, “Factory Girls.”

But the most important thing that “Gangnam Style” has is a sense of humor about itself. (If you haven’t yet seen it, put down your surgical instruments or air-traffic-control headset or whatever else might be distracting you, and watch it now.) Its satire made it a viral phenomenon with three hundred million views on YouTube, surpassing and mocking the earnest K-pop products, and thus proving, as Seabrook says, that “cultural technology can only get you so far.”



Eh, my favorite Korean song is “Excellent Horse-like Lady”.

I thought this post was going to be on something a bsd could go long on.

Carry on bros.

It’s not bad but I’m sick of hearing it everywhere i go…

Hundreds of millions of people around the world didn’t need an explanation and enjoyed the video nonetheless. As Wendy mentioned, Gangnam Style is satire. Gangnam is a rich/fashionable area in Seoul (think Beverly Hills) and in the video, PSY pretty much messes up being actual Gangnam style in every way possible, but repeatedly declares with unwavering conviction that he IS Gangnam Style until we believe him.

In defense of the video, one of the Korean chicks looks like she’s riding a meat sword when dancing.

PureAlpha- where you at bro?

Tell’em all about dat K-pop, son.

In defense of Korean’s, I think it is fair to say that your conclusion is universal lol.

I’ve been in Hong Kong on holiday. :slight_smile:

Ack, that song again! I can tell you the whole Psy thing isn’t really understood by Koreans. They feel there are better artists that represent K-Pop and don’t understand what Westerners see in Psy (he’s fat and crude in their eyes). It caught on because of luck, and becuase he does have a sense of humor, and that translates internationally. Skinny jeans gay-looking Asian guys who take themselves too seriously on the other hand, don’t translate well to Western markets.

I like the Gangnam remix video with that slutty Hyuna chick.


Well, my gym in Seoul has been blasting his single “Gentleman” every day and now I officially have that stuck in my head. Apparently every Summer I am going to be brain washed with Psy-mania.

It’s pretty catchy I guess. Lots of synth pop madness in the instrumentation.

Haha, this probably won’t help:

It got suck in my head from being played 1000x in the gym last week. Korean chicks acting black, kinda odd. They heard somewhere you have to wear those big metal things on your fists in order to break into the US market.