Do strip clubs make you sad?

Simple question…


See my strip club therad.

Depends on the time of day.

No, they don’t make me feel sad. Unlike some institutional equity salespeople at some banks that expect me to simply fork over trade commissions to them like it’s free candy, I find that girls in strip clubs tend to work pretty hard for their money.

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I think these are two unrelated threads.

Why would they make you feel sad?

Because they wont even dance for him for money.

Because he proposes to the first naked girl he sees and gets slapped

Not sure if you know this but the women have to “buy in” to the club each night, so they start the night in the red – at some clubs they are down as much as $500 at the start of the night. They have to make up the shortfall through lap dances, which is why they are always so aggressive / desperate / annoying.

I did make 50% in RICK stock one time though, true story.

As a women, i actually DON’T think it’s sad, i think it’s good for the ladies, it’s just another job, if you are not selling your bodies, you are selling your fake smiles at a cosmetic counter, your fake “politeness” at reception…

What’s the story with the champagne room? Is Chris Rock full of it?

Some work colleagues took me to a strip club in rural Arkansas when I was visiting them there. That really was a sad place. Although the girls were not ugly, neither were they very pretty (you wondered if they ate enough or got to the dentist enough) and it was pretty clear that there wasn’t much other opporutnity for them to earn anything around there. The clientele was kinda gross too, and I suspect there wasn’t that much money changing hands from stripping on its own.

On the other hand, some friends took me to a strip club in Brazil that was fairly upscale and that place was a trip. Everyone was high energy and there for the show, which included local Playboy models. The exchange of energy was palpable. There also was a motel in the back if anything got arranged. One of my friends went there, I think (sex for pay is legal in Brazil, provided it’s fully consensual and not with a minor). I myself was kinda young and timid at the time, and too poor to take advantage anyway, but the contrast with the Arkansas place remains with me to this day.

It’s one thing if a woman chooses to be a stripper because she’s made a choice that the money is good enough to outweigh other income options, like being a secretary, or a lawyer or whatnot, or if she does it because (and I’m not sure how many actually fall into this category) she just enjoys the kink or the power aspect. But it is sad to see women doing it simply because there’s pretty much no other option available to pay the rent.

^ Troof.

I’ve never been. Actually, I’ve had a fair amount of lap dances (10-12) in my time, and it’s never even been offered to me once (is that strange?). I must be giving off the vibe of someone with limited means.

I think it’s important to distinguish between the actual cause of sadness, provided you are sad. Is it the strip club, or are you sad prior to the strip club which causes you to go?

When i was in NY, i was a bit of an addict when it came to these establishments and i started going during my lunch break, prior to meeting my ex / after, prior to the gym, bed ect.

For the record, I don’t go to strip clubs much, as I find (most of) them expensive and fairly boring, aside from just the fun of watching other people do crazy things. I have occasionally tagged along if others are keen to go, but I never think “I’m bored, let’s go to a strip club,” unless I am trying to mess with someone’s mind for the fun of it, in which case I’m never really serious about going.

For me, the thrill of erotic encounters is in the satisfaction of successful seduction, and handing out cash in exchange for stuff just spoils the feel of seduction for me. Even if she is trying to seduce me, the knowledge that she’s after my cash takes me out of the moment and makes it hard for me to get that excited.

I think I could enjoy going with a girlfriend and having her buy me a lapdance or something more, but only one girlfriend of mine has ever been up for that kind of thing, and we never actually got around to it (partly because I wasn’t sure at the time if she was serious, though in retrospect I am pretty sure she was).

I find strippers far more interesting than regular girls. they have often experienced more and have a darker side than the usual boring girl you meet at a bar.

Not sure what to think about this.

Reminds me of my socialist, anti-American friend who wanted to boycott all things made in China, because we “only pay them five dollars a day.” It sounds sad, until you realize that by NOT buying their stuff, they’ll be digging through trash cans hoping to find five cents a day.