Do we need to know behavioral biases?

i havent looked at it. but it seems rather intuitive…

tulkuu, can you help?

You *should* know everything. I failed last year because I thought I could figure stuff out on exam day or get away with not knowing *everything* because of the qualitative nature of the exam …

Not should, you must know every bias, from gampler’s fallacy to disposition effect

From conservatism to Endowment. Eevry single one

It is nothing close to intuitive for me

think about it this way…if we have to learn dates in GIPS…do you really expect not to know biases? :slight_smile:

I find it ambiguous. I actually mentioned it in my survey to the CFA this year. My point is most if not all the (ex. ethics) curriculum is objective and then you have the biases which seem very subjective to me. Maybe I am just complaining b/c its a weak area for me but most biases in the AM mocks seem to have more than one bias that could fit situations.

I will review ss03 but will focus on last Reading of SS03…If I can understand and explain Pompian exhibit, I will feel comfortable to sit for the exam.

No, you don’t need to know it. They just spent 3 chapters of the curriculum on it for entertainment purposes only.

You don’t “need” to know it, but I do.

Do we need to know behavioral biases?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

and once again, these kinds of questions bring me so much joy as we are only 4 days from D-Day

^ Me too. I was feeling good after my mock scores. Then not so good after I saw everyone else was scoring in the same area on mocks. And then great after this post.

Im glad i was able to bring u comic relief.

You guys think l3 is harder than l1?

Should i even read ethics? I mean, i never ever got arrested. And i help my grandmother alot.

What are you guys scoring on mocks?

Do i need to brink my passport or ticket to the exam?

Will i pass?

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