do we need to remember formulas

I am trying to remember lot of formulas in quantitative analysis. Is it required to remember all the formulas? Wondering if formulas are provided in the exam

*smacks forehead* c’mon chinni, you’ve been on this forum for a while now…

Lola, I believe we need to remember formulas. As I read more CFA material I found more formulas to remember. I am trying to reconfirm one more time for any changes or if I missed. Thanks, Chinni

The collective experience here is that if you remember ~ 70% of the formulas you’ll pass.

This is where the finance undergrads have an advantage to those without the finance degree because we’ve been working with formulas day in and day out for the past couple of years.

i agree…know as many as you can…but the concepts alone can help you out on most situations. some things can’t go without memorization, like convexity.