Do you agree with these answers?

There are some answers I am not sure they are correct? In Mock 1 Q6:B Q31:C Q59:D In Mock 2, Q3:D Q5:D Q18:B Q19:D Q45:B Q48:D Q52:B

dude you scream BIG FAT ETHICS CODE VIOLATION i didn’t screenshot so how would i remember what letters correspond to what on the mock? this is not a wise post.

LOL. Bannis, you are so focused on ethics right now! but i agree. not a sweet post, bud.

Yeah, great spoiler, good thing my memory sux.

cfasf1, yep, i’m on an ethical tear. like when i read the part in the text that some feminists wanted the prudent man rule to be name changed to the prudent person rule, i laughed to myself and said go shave your legs and armpits you freaks… you’ll get your prudent investor rule soon enough. ok bedtime for real now.


plz post the questions

I guess there were couple of grey areas. CFAI books say something and answers were just opposite. I don’t know whom should I ask.