Do you believe that your scores on second passes are relevant ?

The reason I’m asking is that I just scored 81 % on 2014 AM (much, much higher than my putrid score at my first pass 3 weeks ago).

It was my second pass, and I noticed that I didn’t redo the same mistakes twice, in like 90 % of cases.

So while my general knowledge of the material increased in the last 3 weeks, the problem is that I remembered where I had lost some points the first time.

It’s like cheating, in a way.

What is your view on the matter ?

Great review strategy but the score is meaningless

What matters most is if you were able to not make the same mistakes as the first round.

My view is that the CFA cirriculum is so wide there could be 500 mock exams and you still wouldn’t cover all of the material.

The point of mock exams is three fold:

  1. Gain a confidence level on how you will fare on the actual exam using a sampling technique of comparable difficulty in questions to exam day

  2. Review what you have learned, identify weak areas, and improve all weak areas

  3. Simulate the actual testing experience and fix common mistakes like running out of time, missing a question due to templates, confusing action words, etc. All fixes that will lead to a higher score without having to retain more CBOK info.

You should always score at least 90% or ideally above that when retaking a previous tried mock exam otherwise you are failing at point #2

Retake scores will not represent your expected score on the exam in my opinion due to the breadth of material that can be tested. However there is a strong benefit to retaking exams as it shows how well you are succeeding in #2 which is critical. Additionally on a retake you should subtract 45 minutes from your allowable time and only give yourself 2 and 15 mins as you are likely to be more familiar with the question/tricks and are likely to finish the test at a faster pace. With that said on regular (new) mock exams you should subtract 25 minutes from your allowable time to represent the X factor on exam day of additional stress, noise everyone else is making, constant checking of the time (which you will doubtlessly do), and likely mess up of not answering a question in the template then having to cross out and rewrite in the template.



Of course your 2nd score matters.

You don’t remember the answer to the question X, you remember not to do that mistake again and it will happen just the same the day of the exam when they ask a similar question. That’s why doing a ton of mocks is useful. The questions can be tricky but they can’t make up 1000000 types of questions, so the best way to master them is practice

2015 AM exam is going to be compeletely different on what you saw in the previous exams. Score is meaningless but that should give you a boost- confidence just days before the exam