Do you ever think if CFAI accidentally .....

released the scores early? I’m sure they’re all programmed in the site and the emails ready to go, but someone puts in the wrong send date or accidentally uploads them and for a small fraction of time your result would be on the website?

I wonder…

Nah, there’s probably a guy somewhere in a bunker who’s sole purpose in life is to press a button at the defined hour to send the results out.

Before they started closing the website down, there were ‘rumors’ that you could sometimes get an early tell of your results based on certain inputs of your candidate information changing. This happened more when you had to log in to the website to check your results instead of receiving an email, so these events would occur when they were uploading the individual results to the site.

It wasn’t a for sure thing but it created some interesting drama in the days before results came out.

Yeah they used to change your registration status early i.e. right now I would be able to register for level III if I passed, unfortunately that has changed.

It’s more likely that they might mix up the scores, thus sending some candidates false pass/fail emails. Sending the emails on time only requires one thing do be done correctly (don’t press the button until Tuesday). Getting each candidates’ score correct requires thousands of things to be done correctly.

I think that’s why they moved to a one-day delay on updating the status on the website.

Can an email say a fail and mycfa pass?

This was what I wondered too. Remembered I was skeptic and waited for website confirmation to make sure the results they sent me were mine. Website info fortunately reflected email. They have 7 weeks to get it right, and though there is a small chance of a mismatch, I doubt that this should ever occur… Anyone experienced this?

I dont think it would be individually done actually, it would be a batch and automated process… So dont think it can fail as they would test this a 100 times over the last 7 weeks :slight_smile: But yeah, we have seen worse in IT anyway :slight_smile: