Do you guys use dating apps ?

I personally invested in Tinder and Bumble, I think a good photo and text game go far in your potential success rate.

What do you use ?

I like mclass it is a good one to meet da ladies


I’m married now, so I just text my wife to put down her fu_c_king dragon quest or whatever sh_it_ she’s doing because I need 45 seconds of her time.

Back when I was single and the talk of the town amongst the fairer sex, we didn’t have dating apps. If you wanted to date someone you had to buy them 14 drinks and then coax them back to your apartment like a normal person.

okc, tinder. but most of the chicks i meet are from bars and clubs. i never buy a chick a drink. does that really work though? i feel like chicks who do that are just trying to come up.

as for dates, yea i’ll pay, cuz then i know im going to get something out of it.

Just get an escort. Then you don’t have to talk to her or worry about calling her back.

The end result is the same. You pay and get laid.

Backpage occasionally

i mainly go to clubs and bars to meet people. I find it strange if a young person uses dating apps.

apps become justifiable once you reach 28

cuz escorts are expensive? whats the going rate for a night? isnt it like 1k?

dating apps are convenient. you can use them anytime. plus when you get a match, its feels nice. lol

My mom uses the app iArrange, which is a popular program to match candidates with arranged marriage prospects. It is taking the city of Mumbai by storm.

#माता पिता द्वारा तय किया गया विवाह

No talking smack about arranged marriage.

Aftet witnessing first hand the disaster of the west i have a new found appreciation for chilling at home and only having to screen pre-screened candidates thank you very much

I do the same sorta thing from the comfort of my own home – swiping left and right.


Bumble turbo-charged my social life, especially during a period when I had very little free time outside of work. Best app for dating in my opinion, at least for NYC.

Are you as weird in your interactions with women as you are on this forum?

Lets see some profiles. Do you guys actually fill out your bio seriously and how many pics are we talking?

Details details

Ah yes bumble

The pussification of men truly is reaching its meridian

Bumble is good. In dense urban cities you cannot go wrong.

i have a ton of photos in all of them. vegas at day club photo. this hot chick i know and me photo. suit photo. suit with benz photo. restaurant photo with one of those brazilian dancer. me dunking at a bball court. a hot chick i took out to a double date in club. snowboarding with friends photo. my savage crew pre gaming in car. halloween with my ex and her hot friends at club with bottles.

for tinder, its not detailed. i just put “i love hot beaches.”


self summary:

I like to make money and get turnt. then i list my resume.

what im doing in my life:

get a hunnit million dollars and a bad chick. i’ll settle for either.

im really good at:

Riding my bike with no handlebars, allocating capital and doing God’s work. Sort of same thing though. Amirite?

You should message me:

you’re a dime, top of the line, cute face, little face, with a big behind? and you can catch sarcasm. cash me outside how bow dah?

‘hot beaches’ - bwahahahhahaha

what’s ‘get turnt’?

looks like i need a portfolio of photos soon, the vanity of our generation eh

gonna +1 for bumble - its more efficient because girls dont’ msg you unless they see something they like. better than tinder where people match and never chat. also in TO girls on bumble are much higher grade, professionals for the most part, some real HCB material floating in that market. Less time wasting, more fill or kill.