Do you guys use dating apps ?


I don’t use any dating apps. I used Tinder for a month or two maybe last year. I didn’t really like it that much. It just seemed like a lot of work for me in texting and communicating and stuff and organizing a meet etc etc do you like this person - maybe not, then after all this work you have to endure a sit-down most of the time. Its much easier for me to just get a chick’s digits randomly. I don’t really have any issue with meeting chicks, in fact last week I kind of felt burdened. I was headed out of town to a bday party last weekend and after booking a suite, I decided to invite my FWB friend and then the girl at the bday party was all up in my grill about me leading this girl on. We already had the talk, I said i’m not interested in dating. Anyway, I think it was ok. So we went out, hooked up later, then I got home on Sunday and was neck deep in these two poker tournaments about an hour after I got home. This other FWB “really” wanted to meet up as she said in her text. I really didn’t even want to see her and said I was busy playing in a tournament but maybe could meet up later. She insisted on coming over immediately and I warned her that I would be pretty immersed in the games. To her credit, she had texted me a few times earlier in the week and I said I was busy. I really was busy though. I wasn’t avoiding her. Like I was playing from the island in the kitchen on the bigscreen with some weird japanese elevator music in the background. Not only that, but I typically like to 420 it up when I play. It makes the bad beats hilarious. But, I started the games right when I got home and didn’t shower that morning. So this chick is coming over immediately and I can’t shower or anything because i’ll miss my hands in the game. I was just like f-it and took a massive febreeze shower. I think it worked. So I didn’t even know this girl was down with the 420, but she said she wanted to smoke too. I was like ok cool. I was kind of looking forward to chilling out and really didn’t want to make out with this chick. Then, she proposes we do some game where you exhale into the persons mouth as you’re basically kissing them. I couldn’t say no, so obliged and she was all super excited and stuff. I was literally not amused this whole night. lol. Then, in frustration for the fact that I just wanted to take huge rips, I decided to Green Mile her. I packed a massive bowl and then took the most epic inhale and Green Miled the crap out of her. She was choking for dear life. lol. It was bad. It was such a thick cloud of smoke. We were both blazed for a minute. Then she starts doing the sex panther walk on her knees across the L shaped couch, and as she leaned in to make out, I looked at her in the eyes and was like ‘so what show do you want to watch’? lolol ohh it was classic. She eventually got the hint and went home.

Like, if someone says they are ‘kind of busy’ and then you say I ‘really’ need to meet up, for me at least that generally means that the person has some issues to talk about (I thought she was going through some crap - so at least wanted to help). When I found out she had nothing, and just wanted to mess around … well… I was already trying to distance myself from this girl. Shes all over the place.

Take your meds


It is such a shame that people useless to society like you get to live in the U.S while a hardworking immigrant like myself has to wait for H1B. I’m glad This dump of a country called Canada has at least accepted me.

great story. never said how the tourneys went

They went ok that night. I think I was playing some $10K GTDs but didn’t cash that night. I would have re-buyed but that chick was there so didn’t re-enter.

I took down a $10K GTD a couple weeks ago placing 1st out of 927 people on America’s Cardroom. I’ve been playing a bit higher stakes and played a $450K GTD this past weekend.

Tournaments are finicky though. You play a lot just to min cash then it’s a must to get final table for the real money. At least top 18.

I used Tinder very often before, then I got disappointed, I think it’s more for a good time, but not for a serious relationship.

Maybe your dates would take you more seriously if you didn’t wait three years to respond.


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Yeah, I always get a little suspicious when somebody joins and posts their first post in the Water Cooler on the same day, especially when it’s a thread that hasn’t been dug up in three years.

I thought that you couldn’t do that.

I thought that there was some waiting period or minimum number of posts or whatnot before you could post in the most important subforum here.

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