Do you have a maid?

or do you clean your own stuff


I always did my own cleaning. I lived alone in a one bedroom with wood floors am pretty OCD and never always ate out so it was pretty easy.

Now the GF is stay at home so it’s her job. Some of her stay at home friends have maids, which she thought was odd. For me that would be where I drew a hard line, you don’t stay at home and not bother to clean.

I’ve never had a maid but have been thinking about hiring one to try to save some time, been working a lot.

What else are those little french maid outfits for, anyway??

Same. If I’m dating somebody and therefore will be coming over I’m pretty good about keeping up with cleaning, but lately, meh. I was in my kitchen this morning and told myself I need to clean this place up.

Yes, we have a cleaning lady that comes once a week.

We have a cleaning lady that comes once every two weeks.

Who cleans up to get ready for the cleaning lady?

Me, so she doesn’t waste time on the easy stuff.

I used to think the same thing. Now I have two, 2.5 and 4.5. And now I couldn’t disagree with you more.

They can make messes faster than I can clean them.

Of course myself. I can’t even imagine a stranger cleaning my place

I have a maid but she gets all huffy when I call her that. I gave you a ring dammit.

I do handybook every few months which isnt bad. My gf is pretty OCD about cleaning and since we got a place together the amount of cleaning I have to do is significantly higher. My apartments were never dirty, I was just kind of generally messy (I.e. leaving my clothes around) not tidying up piles of books or whatnot

Yeah, my wife is damn busy. Having someone come in once a week is a huge help.


This is my problem. I got tired of having to move my laundry from my closet to by the washer, so now I just pile it right there. Or I’ll clean up after cooking and just leave pots/pans on the counter.

I’ll see how things progress becuase it’s early but I don’t see my mind changing. My mom was stay at home and the place was always immaculate no maid. Especially once you get the kids in pre-school or regular school. Everytime I get the kid for the day so far I’ve managed to crush the crap out of it low stress.

^talk to me when you have >1

That may change things.