Do you have a mentor?

How long have you had your mentor - have they helped you in the industry?

3 years, yes, even though we dont work together i will always look up to him. He unlocked my potential

I have several people that I consider mentors. They have helped me considerably in different points of my career. I trust their time-tested wisdom and ability to see things objectively for me. I believe a good mentor is absolutely critical especially in a knowledge-based industry such as finance.

“I believe everyone should both have a mentor and be a mentor at some point in their life.”

Wall Street II – The Search for Curly’s Gold

Having a mentor helps. I’ve had several. My best was one at Johnson & Johnson when I worked there. Different building and department. It takes effort to build the relationship, you have to take the initiative to build things so that you have a solid friendship going. I met roughly once a week, for about an hour or more and talked about markets, investing theory, views on risk and the world, etc. It helps in getting someone to represent you around the firm as well as for placement, recs, etc.

We had a short discussion on mentors a little while ago. Bchad had some good points, as usual

So random, but made me laughh out loud. I wish I had a mentor. Definitely worthwhile if you can find a good one.

A mentor gave my career a drastic boost and I couldnt not recommend them highly enough. My career was stagnating and I was bored! He gave me pointers on what needs to be done to get me out teh hoel I was in - it worked and I was promoted a year later.

The issue is where do you get a good mentor from? Lukily I was assigned one via a work program. If you dont have this option, then have started up and they have banking professionals signed up to give mentroing advice.

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I did have a phenomenal mentor at my last job who was a regular oracle when it came to macroeconomic developments. Also a real character and a great friend. He passed away, but when situations like this potential housing bubble in China pop up, I still find myself thinking I’d give my left nut to duck into his office and shoot the sh*t with him for an hour.