Do you have plants?

What kind of plants do you like in your place (or outside)? I just keep a handful of live bamboo plants around my place. They are really the only thing I have found that always looks good and doesn’t die on me.

I have a palm tree in my front yard. I also managed to kill a cactus that somebody at work left me on their departure.

Chaste Tree is a good one. I am nursing one of these growing in my yard for the bees and butterflies. It’s a hormone balancer for women.

cactus, easy to care for

I have tried TWICE to make the whole bonsai tree thing work. I really think they are awesome and I stupidly thought having one on my desk was going to be the coolest thing ever. It was not, it died rather quickly and I read online that a real bonsai tree under no circumstances can be indoors.

I got a second bonsai and kept him outdoors, he thrived for a summer and int othe winter. However in the spring he took a turn for the worse, and for some reason never recovered. RIP my trees.

I think im gonna jump on the cactus/other easy plant trend as I cant take the heartbreak from another bonsai.

People usually overwater cacti, causing the plants to rot and die. Really, you just need to leave it alone for like weeks. It’s the point of cacti.

I have one south asian cactus which is exceptionally easy to care for, but forgot its botanical name. I never ever water it for the reasons ohai mentioned, except once a year when I take it outside and drench it repeatedly with buckets of water until the soil turns into a swamp. Expert botanists have told me that this simulates the monsoon season in the cactus’ natural habitat. I’ve had this cactus for over 3 years and it seems to be thriving under these conditions, although thriving is probably a strong word to describe a cactus in general.

problem is sometimes you smoke before it gets a change to beautify the home


so when is it recommended to make tequila out of it?

Tequila is made out of the distilled hearts of the agave plant.

i have a bonsai on my kitchen window sill… it’s not doing too well.

However I am an avid gardener…

summer time the garden

^Looks nice

very nice pokhim. is that your neighbours tree coming through the fence?

Will you use the Castle doctrine to clear your property of intruders?

I have a couple of small cacti in my home office and a couple of Jade plants in the family room.

Basically anything that can go weeks to months without water gets my vote.

On the right hand side there is a blackberry vine which i’ve been growing for the past 4 yrs and in the rear there are raspberry canes. My favourite plants are my crocusmia lucifer and I have a brilliant bushy fern in the corner by the shed as it’s quite damp and shady there.

Put it outside. Your bonsai WILL die if you leave it indoors. I did extensive research on them after my first died and a realy bonsai is an actual tree, it needs to be outdoors and receive direct sunlight not through a window.

Nice garden Pokhim. Is that a veg patch on the left hand side? I have some space where I could grow some veg but have never bothered. Maybe I’ll try next year.

ok thanks!! But it’s winter now and I tihnk it’s more likely it will die now then ever… It’s really warm in my house and putting it outside now will certainly kill it.

Yep, I have courgette, green bean, carrots, beetroot, spring onions, strawberries and a chilli this year. I have a bunch of herbs in another part of the garden; mint, oregano etc.