Do you have to be a ninja to pass this level?

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You can be either a ninja, a stud, or a genius.

If you arent one of the above, then you’re a statistic (the bad end): “According to the CFA Institute, fewer than 20% of candidates who begin the program receive the CFA Charter.[4]

I know a few people from work that never made it pass L2 and have moved on to other things!

Having background in finance or economics studies (or related), and work experience in the finance industry make it easier. L3 is a whole new story. It is quite more specialized: wealth management and portfolio management.

If this helps… Trying to achieve L2 of the CFA Program becomes you a better professional just because your commitment is above average and your knowledge rises day by day.

Keep it up!

No but you have to study hard, you have to study smart, and you have to study consistently.

No, you only need to study hard and be consistent with your study. The same goes for level 3. Most don’t make it pass level 3 because they can’t find the time to study and give up. You don’t need to be a genius to pass all 3 levels. I am not a genius for sure.