Do you have to write the actual formula when asked to calculate and show your work?

Or is it ok just to start plugging in the numbers right away?

My guess it would be ok since you are using the formula with the actual numbers, but wanted to double check if anyone knows for sure.


dude use the search function, this question has been asked too many times

show ur work

Are you required to write the actual formula first or not?

my question is do you need to actually label the formula components in the response?

e.g. - Pi = the correlation with asset and GIM, Sd = standard deviation of X etc.?

Right. You must also label the Greek components of your formula.

Here’s a start:

  • Δ: this means change!
  • σ: this means standard deviation!
  • Σ: this means sum!

And mention “%” is for percent, and not the modulo operator