Do you look at the answers first or question first?

Whats your way of solving questions.

reading the question

Glimpse at the set of anwers, then read the questions, then select the correct answer smiley


It depends on the question.

I would read the question first, if you can answer it, then complete it THEN look at the answer to see if you were correct. Don’t assume you know what the answer is, always check to see if you are correct.

If you read the question and don’t know how to answer it, don’t get stuck, look at the answer. If you are still stuck, complete the other questions and return to it after you are finished. Don’t let one (or several) unanswered question(s) ruin your study session. If you are still stuck, ask for help. Don’t pretend that the question(s) can’t show up on your exam - because it can and may show up several times in different formats.

I read the questions first.

yes Exactly the way I prepare!

Always read the question first. I can’t even imagine why anyone would read the answers first.

I always do the questions first, then grade myself. I always try to fully understand why I’ve answered a question wrong, and take a note of it for reviewing purposes.

I agree with Cinderalla and the others, I don’t see any benefit in looking up the answers first and then doing the questions.