Do you need to define a BIAS?

Quick questions for those who know for sure. Do you lose points if you do not define a bias when asked to identify one from the text?

For example: you circle the right one in the CFA answer sheet and then write the supporting fact from the text for that bias. Do you also need to state what that bias generally means to get the full points or not?


If you have to circle and support, I will not define it. Hopefully, that is a good idea :smiley:

So unless they specifically ask you to define, just give an example from the text?

All the CFA answers define it and then give an example as a full answer.

Does anyone know for sure?

The cfa mocks define it because they are trying to teach us. Unless it says define as a command word you don’t need to write the definition. Plus you can’t really support your answer unless you know the definition, now you might have trouble find the right words to define it but that’s completely different issue.

I would just go by what the CFAI says… know your command words