Do you own stock in your (non public) company?

This is just a little informal survey of those that work for small, non-public companies. Do you own any stock in the company? I was just looking at some advisory firms and noticed that some have spread the wealth and have broad ownership and others are still 100% owned by the founder(s). It’s a bit perplexing to see a small company (<50 employees) with long-term (10 years +) KEY people not having even a small stake in the business. What are everyone’s thoughts on offering ownership at small companies to key employees? I own stock in a small business, but not my employer.

Offered and declined.

Any more to the story? Why did you decline?

Ya, we own stock here. The founders are pretty smart that way. It could be worth little or it could make me a pile o money, but it is nice to know I’ve got a cut if our little op really takes off.

I have seen it done with and without stock. As long as workers are incentivized with a share of profits, actual ownership can become less of an issue. The better run shops I have seen take a team view of everything, instead of looking at everybody as a seperate rep. Then if you make bonuses based on overall team production there is no longer any internal friction between team members. Others just stick with the law firm model. I happen to own quite a bit of the stock, but it is essentially worthless at this point.

XSellSide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Any more to the story? Why did you decline? Was given the choice of taking my bonus in cash or equity. I had a general sense of the firm’s financial status and decided that cash was a better choice since the equity had a high probability of becoming worthless with any extended losing streak in our performance.

I have some ownership in my dad’s company. I’m bullish